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Kiara Norwood: Building Bridges Between Spirituality, Healing, and Social Justice

A truly talented leader would imagine long ago that life is just about people and making them realize their purpose. As a numerologist Kiara Norwood utilizes the information provided by clients’ birthdays and names to help them understand more about their life purpose, current challenges, and ways they can maintain alignment to live a fulfilling life. Kiara learned that in order for people to create a fulfilling life and not feel that their “whole life is designed around their trauma,” they have to heal mind, body, and spirit.

From Trauma Therapy to Holistic Healing

Having built a career in mental health therapy focused on women’s trauma and PTSD, Kiara transitioned into the field of spiritual wellness and holistic healing. This shift arose from a recognition that women required broader pathways to healing, encompassing mind, body, and spirit. Following a personal illness, she herself benefited from holistic and spiritual healing practices. This experience fueled her decision to become certified in these modalities and offer them to women seeking holistic healing and a fulfilling life. This marked the birth of Energetically Aligned Healing.

Creating Safe Space for Women’s Healing

Kiara practice utilizes a combination of alternative and holistic wellness approaches. This includes knowledge of the brain-body connection, the autonomic nervous system, energetics, and ancestral wisdom pertaining to well-being. She approaches each client with deep respect for their experiences and successes. She fosters a safe space where women can explore and heal, even regarding stressors they might be hesitant to share elsewhere. The focus lies on healing these stressors while acknowledging and building upon existing strengths. She acts as a facilitator, offering guidance and wisdom to promote growth and overall wellness.

Combining Traditional and Modern Practices

Kiara’s services function best when combined, so she incorporates them whenever possible. As an ordained interspiritual minister, she possesses deep respect and knowledge for various spiritual systems and their influence on worldviews and well-being. To foster spiritual growth and awareness, she also offers bi-weekly virtual gatherings free of charge.

Kiara’s knowledge as a holistic herbalist extends beyond recommending herbs for daily needs. She delves into how specific herbs and foods impact us spiritually and holistically. As a reiki practitioner, she helps unblock and align chakras, while also guiding clients towards understanding the root causes of these blockages and their connection to current stressors.

Kiara’s role as a holistic coach involves integrating mind-body-spirit understanding, strengths-based approaches, African, Middle Eastern, and Indigenous spiritualities, along with feminist/womanist scholarship. This comprehensive approach empowers clients to align with their sense of well-being.

Furthermore, Kiara utilizes numerology to interpret clients’ birthdays and names. This sheds light on their life purpose, current challenges, and methods to maintain alignment for a fulfilling life. Finally, her tarot card readings take a holistic approach, detailing present challenges, blockages, divine wisdom, available support methods, and steps clients can take to maintain overall well-being.

Healing Beyond Trauma

Kiara’s background equipped her to understand why people might feel stagnant after years of non-holistic healing attempts. These approaches often overlook spiritual, energetic, and ancestral wounds, leaving clients stuck despite their best efforts. She recognized the need for mind-body-spirit healing to achieve fulfillment and prevent one’s life from revolving around past trauma. Additionally, she upholds a trauma-informed approach, acknowledging the various ways trauma impacts individuals. She understands that some approaches can be triggering due to a lack of sensitivity, and emphasizes the importance of understanding the brain and personality of those who have experienced trauma to provide the most effective services.

Multifaceted Impact of Trauma

1. Interpersonal Relationships: Trauma can disrupt the nervous system, leading individuals to perceive interpersonal bonds as inherently unsafe. This disrupts stable relationship building and can trigger stress in interactions with others. People experiencing trauma might be misconstrued as rude, when in reality, they’re coping with past experiences. However, healing trauma and forming healthy relationships offer opportunities for both personal well-being and advocating for others with similar experiences.

2. Spirituality: Our trauma history shapes how we perceive the Divine and engage with spiritual groups. By examining our social conditioning and impactful experiences, we can often draw connections between those and our spiritual views. Holistic trauma healing can foster a healthier spiritual understanding and practice.

3. Diversity & Social Justice: Trauma intersects with diversity and social justice due to the distinct ways different groups experience trauma based on their identities. Marginalized groups may be subjected to “othering” and harm based on race, gender, sexual orientation, etc., leading to historical and generational trauma that influences their worldview. Moreover, trauma may impact brain function, further emphasizing the need for inclusion and social justice efforts. Since trauma is often invisible, it can be overlooked. However, its potential to affect anyone underscores the importance of societal sensitivity and increased resources for support.

Holistic Healing for Women

1. Empowering Women: Kiara extends her coaching to women entrepreneurs and creatives, offering insights and wisdom to fuel their endeavors. She is a strong advocate for paying it forward, leaving behind a blueprint for future generations of women to follow. This translates into her commitment to mentorship and knowledge sharing whenever possible. Additionally, she provides opportunities for women to learn alongside her as a spiritual coach/mentor during communal gatherings.

2. Building Inclusive Spaces: Kiara’s work is driven by a deep need for inclusive spiritual spaces. These spaces should foster growth, emotional safety, and spiritual exploration without judgment or harm. She recognizes that many existing settings lack the freedom to explore unconventional ideas, ask questions, and develop personal spiritual practices. She views this freedom as crucial for individual growth and development.

3. Leadership and Connection: Kiara’s experiences have instilled in her a clear understanding of healthy and impactful leadership. True leaders, in her view, possess strong ethical values and recognize the inherent divinity within each person. This fosters a deep sense of care and highlights the interconnectedness of humanity.

Inner Wisdom & Holistic Healing

1. Embracing Change: Kiara’s experiences have taught her the importance and necessity of personal evolution. Societal norms often pressure us to remain stagnant, but this can lead to stagnation and unfulfilled lives. Conversely, some of the most rewarding experiences and successes can arise from embracing new ventures and trusting one’s intuition for guidance.

2. Following Inner Wisdom: Kiara emphasizes the importance of self-trust. Throughout her career, she has made significant and potentially surprising changes, always grounded in a clear understanding of her own path and the reasons behind her choices. This trust extends to her inner Divine guidance, which she views as a compass. Being an entrepreneur and holistic practitioner, she believes, is a spiritual journey. Heeding external guidance at the expense of one’s own intuition can lead to frustration.

3. Transforming Lives: Kiara’s clients often arrive feeling anxious, frustrated, discouraged, hopeless, and stressed. The initial focus is on achieving mind-body-spirit balance, creating a foundation for subsequent goal achievement. After completing this holistic groundwork and actively working towards their goals, her clients have achieved remarkable results. These include real estate investments, partnerships and growth in their spiritual/holistic businesses, career advancements and new jobs, successful business launches, establishing healthy romantic relationships, healing familial bonds, relocating to build new lives, and embarking on dream vacations. Holistic approaches, in her view, help remove blockages, allowing clients to transform their experiences and achieve their desired outcomes through goal accomplishment.

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